Thursday, November 19, 2009

Design Fest 2009

So I've decided to participate in Westwood College's 3rd annual Design Fest! This year's theme is called Once Upon a Time, stories that are based on Brother's Grimm fairy tales. I know. What a great theme! Especially because I love the fantasy genre. Everyone had to choose one story, so that people don't all create a piece based on the same one.

My story is Little Red Riding Hood.

For Design Fest, I am
submitting 2 pieces. One is a mouse pad, and the other a sculpture. I finished the mouse pad yesterday, and am still working on the sculpture. But I'll post more on that later...

Everyone was given a blank white mouse pad to be designed any which way the artist saw fit. I decided to stick with the Little Red Riding Hood theme I was given, so that it would be cohesive with my sculpture.
I had the concept of a moon, and the silhouetted shadow of the wolf holding poor little red riding ho
od in his massive claw. All the while I was creating the piece in Photoshop, the phrase, "All the better..." kept popping into my head. Ya know, that's what the wolf says when Red inquires about her "grandmothers" rather monstrous transformation...(no plastic surgery required).

Heres What I came up with:

And here's what it loo
k's like in Mousepad form:

Everyone else just drew on theirs. I had the idea to use iron on fabric paper and iron my piece
onto the mouse pad. It wasn't easy! I had to get it just the right size and did at least 3 attempts before I tried on the mouse pad. I even tried it first on a blank t-shirt...I'm thinking about wearing the shirt when the day comes to vote...but I'm afraid that might be a bit too pretentious!

"My, what big teeth you have!"
"All the better to eat you with!"

Can you guess the name of my entry? Wish Me Luck!